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Dr. Edward J. Cooney


Cooneys in RI
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A Historic Wedding in 1922
Cooney Family Tree
The Cooneys in Rhode Island

This page is dedicated to the family of Dr. Edward J. Cooney, a son of John Patrick Cooney. It now represents a first draft, and we hope to complete it after contact with J. Gordon Cooney Esq., and his family in Philadelphia. EDWARD J. COONEY (1868-1918). Son of John Patrick and Ann (1.2.1). He attended the Dental School at the University of Pennsylvania, married Anna P. Bretten and settled in Brooklyn New York to practice Dentistry and raise his family. He had two children (Angela and John Philip) and died at the age of 49. (This is a first draft bio sketch and will be amended after contact in made with J. Gordon Cooney Esq., his grandson)

...... ANGELA MARIE COONEY (1896) Infant daughter of Edward J. and Anna Cooney ( She died at 2 months and is buried in St. Francis.

...... JOHN P. COONEY (1897- ) Son of Edward J. and Anna Cooney ( He was an exceptionally handsome young man and was picked to pose as a "gentleman of distinction" in a series of advertisements for Lucky Strike cigarettes in the 1920's. He married Josephine (Gordon) and their son J. Gordon Cooney became a prominent attorney in Philadelphia.

............  J. GORDON COONEY Son of John P. and Josephine (Gordon) Cooney ( Gordon excelled at Colunbia Law School and after passing the Bar, became an Associate, later Partner of a prestigeous law firm in Philadelphia. He married Barbara, and their son J. Gordon Cooney Jr. is also a Philadelphia lawyer.

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